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Advanced Services Group (ASG) is a unique group of service providers that have united to make their unique services available at a large capacity in the residential and commercial world. Through ASG all needs can be met from the most basic of painting a house to the most advanced of mitigating water or asbestos damages across an 8 story office building and rebuilding it back to the way it was before disaster struck. One simple call will connect the right service providers in our group to successfully complete any task.

Our service Companies

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.

Quality Aire, LLC

An environmental company that specializes in all the hazardous material removals, difficult or challenging demolition projects, and crime scene, trauma, bio-hazard clean up.

Superior Rental

Serving Arizona 24/7. Our inventory is well stocked to get the job done, no matter the project size. Water jobs, fire, trauma, mold, or asbestos – our selection of trusted, professional-quality, top brands will assist you in getting it done right.

Furniture Medic®

At Furniture Medic®, we know what it takes to preserve and enhance the value of the wood in our customers’ lives: whether cabinets or furniture we vow to provide, outstanding craftsmanship, a commitment to higher standards, and a proven model that just plain works.

Advanced Services Group:
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Connect with the right service providers in our group to successfully complete any task!

ASG is the collaboration of top respected industry brands uniting under one front providing their services through one single entity. Advanced Services Group is a single point of contact for all needs residential and commercial. ASG’s goal is to provide high quality work, integrity in all services, latest innovations and seamless communication from commencement to close out of your project.


Principles of our work



Focus on providing the best quality services and products for home or business



Building rapport and trust to serve the best interest of our clients regardless of the need, big or small!



Using the latest technology and training to provide a better product and service



A priority overall is the safety of clients and employees. There is no success when it comes at the cost of an incident

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Experience you can trust, service you can count on. Advanced Services Group – your reliable business partner!

Contact us today to connect to the right service providers in our group to successfully complete any task.


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Why choose advanced services group

Experts in Field

No matter what project or emergency, our experts in the field are trained, equipped, and ready!

Brilliant Team

Our team is composed of leaders in the construction and restoration industry unlike any other company providing a talent pool to solve even the most complex issues.

Complex Solutions

Not every problem or emergency can be solved by anyone. Innovative thinking combined with experience are essential to solve complex situations.

Innovative Technology

The Matterport, advanced manufacturing equipment, efficient demolition equipment, the latest in management systems, and more are implemented into every project.

Vast Resources

Not only do we provide a diversity of services but have other experts or specialty companies available to fill the most diverse and unexpected project needs.

Competitive Pricing

All estimates provided are based on competitive pricing for the marketplace.

Work together for success

Cheney Hines

Starting at an early age Cheney Hines has grown up in and evolved with the restoration industry for 20 years; from performing emergency clean ups for flooded homes to eventually owning a company to… 


Jeff Dornberg

My career in the Disaster Restoration industry began over 30 years ago when I started a very successful independent company in San Diego, California. My company was built on the traditional values of hard work,…

Andrew Dornberg

Our goal is to support our local restoration professional from equipment rental of any size or project management assistance. Andrew began in the restoration industry 12 years ago working for…

Nick Helbert

Nicholas Helbert is the general manager of Furniture Medic. He was raised in Phoenix Arizona. He always had a passion for learning and growing in different trade roles. He graduated from Embry Riddle with…

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